The Airbus Helicopters EC135 is a light multi-engine helicopter produced by Airbus Helicopters. Recognized for its high performance with two powerful engines, the EC135 is the ideal helicopter for business trips or leisure trips. The versatile and reliable EC135 helicopter is ideal for a comfortable and safe flight. The EC135 with a capacity of up to six passengers has comfortable leather seats, air conditioning and an insuperable view from all the seats. Low levels of noise and vibration ensure a comfortable and safe flight. Great space for your luggage.

  • Origin: Germany
  • Manufacturer: Airbus Helicopters
  • Configuration: Leather seats, Air Condition
  • Crew: 1 pilot / 2 pilots
  • Capacity: 6/5 Passengers
  • Cruising speed: 130 kn – 240 km / h
  • Machines: 2 Safran Arrius 2B1 with FADEC


The flexible and reliable helicopter EC135 is ideal for a comfortable and safe flight.


EC135 carries up to six passengers in comfortable leather seats with air condition and an incompatible view from above mixed in for a perfect flight.

The low noise and the vibration levels ensure a quite flight.


Large luggage space compartment for your luggage needs.

Dimensions : 120 x 65 x 90cm

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